System Safety

The new functional safety standard for automotive applications ISO 26262 will impact the automotive industry at full strength this year. The integration of this standard is a challenge for most organizations but also a possibility for your organization to increase your wingspan and support for innovative product design. It is an opportunity for your organization to make a difference.

Qamcom does not limit the scope of system safety to the automotive domain. We also offer our expertise to domains such as those using IEC 61508 and related standards.

The safety experts at Qamcom have been involved in the development of the standard for many years and have a vast network and good understanding of the safety domain. We have experts in software development, algorithms, systems and process related topics. We have experience from working with the major OEMs and Tiers at management level as well as with engineering services.

Qamcom’s safety expertise has a goal to enable efficient and safe development at their customer’s site as well as providing solutions developed at Qamcom. We provide our customers with state of the art solutions for the development of safer automotive systems according to the new standard.

Qamcom is a proud member of the consortium “Automotive Safety Center”. This safety center has a goal to provide you, as a customer, with adapted cost efficient solutions.

For more information, please contact Carl Bergenhem.