We do product development in partnership with our customers and offer specialist services within eight defined domains.

We are domain specialists within a holistic system view. As system experts, we create robust, scalable solutions.

We can take on full project responsibility from concept and sketch to mass production and aftermarket activities as well as assist with on-site specialist consultancy services.


We have developed complete products in the area of wireless communication and sensor systems.

In the area of radar systems, we have developed a radar for obstacle detection (QR77) which is available for purchase. Contact us for more information on our range of radar products for use in safety, automotive and security applications.

We have developed vision based products for medical applications including spot and cell counting and precision positioning. Contact us for more information.

Our Domains

Advanced Signal Processing


Modern Technology

Positioning & 3D Object Tracking

Data Visualization

Nonlinear Filtering

Sensor Fusion

Advanced Embedded Systems

Power Electronics

ASIC and FPGA Design

Schematics and PCB Layout

Artificial Intelligence

Video and image analysis

Natural language processing

Computer vision

Sensor fusion

Predictive analytics

Scalable cloud-based solutions

Wireless Communication Systems

xG Technology

LoRa Networks


Steerable Antennas and MIMO

Packet Networks, Mesh and Routing

Ultra Low Latency Communication

Functional and Systems Safety

Safety Management & Engineering

Training & Mentoring

Process Development

Assessment and Audit (FuSA, ASPICE)

Research in Autonomous and Cooperative Vehicle Technology

Industrial IoT

Intelligent automation

Sensor solutions

Connectivity and gateway

Edge-to-cloud infrastructure planning

System integration

High Frequency Electronics

Antenna Design

Radome Design

Microwave links

Radar Systems


Computer Vision

Optics and Optical Filtering

Precision Mechanics

Camera Electronic Platforms

Image Processing

Object Identification and Tracking

Augmented Reality

Object Identification and Tracking

Virtual Dexterous Work

Cooperative Design




Electrical Safety

RF Exposure (Health Safety)


Certifications are in accordance with the European Directives, FCC, NEBS, etc.

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