Radar Systems

Qamcom QR77s (radar system):

Core features

  • * High-end 77-GHz 4D radar system
  • * Wide field-of-view
  • * Unique algorithms to detect problematic slow-moving and stationary targets
  • * Optional camera installation for reference and sensor fusion opportunities

Typical applications

  • * Surveillance of soft targets and critical infrastructures
  • * Surveillance of integrity sensitive areas where cameras cannot be used
  • * Obstacle detection and collision avoidance systems in mobile industrial, farming and forestry equipment



Solid-state Technology, No moving parts, Simultaneous Transmit and Receive Pulse Doppler, FCM waveforms Frequency range 76-77 GHz,  4D radar Instantaneous measurements of target range, Doppler, azimuth and elevation, Unique Stationary Target Detection and Sophisticated multi channel processing (Adaptive Array Processing).


Qamcom Radar Monitor (software):

Software features

  • *Live view of detections and tracks with calibrated video overlay
  • *Recording of radar data to database for playback and detailed analysis
  • *Offline optimization of algorithms by injection of recorded raw data bypassing the RF front-end
  • *MATLAB(R) API for experimentation with waveforms and raw data acquisition
  • *no DSP programming required




Qamcom Know-How (specialist services):

  • *Antenna design: phased arrays, patches, slotted waveguides, narrow and broadband apertures, sub-aperture partitioning, channel mismatch, Cramer-Rao Lower Bound (CRLB) for DOA
  • *Transmitters/Receivers
  • *Range and Doppler extraction, Pulse compression
  • *Target detection and estimation: Adaptive and non-adaptive Detectors (CFAR), DOA estimation (MUSIC, Capon, SML, Sparse estimation methods)
  • *Target tracking & association: Extended Kalman filtering, association (GNN), EIF, IMM, MHT, etc.
  • *SAR-imaging: PFA algorithm, Auto focus, ATR
  • *Target classification: Bayesian classifiers, Micro Doppler

Radar raw data and open API

  • *Raw data from 77GHz FMCW radar sensor A/D converters
  • *Calibrated with spatial resolution of 10 mrad angular resolution
  • *Useful for radar target estimation, evaluation and verification
  • *Useful for tracking and detection algorithm development and evaluation


For more information, please contact Bengt Münter.