Qamcom becomes a "Master Gazelle"

4 April 2019

Qamcom becoming master gazelle - a price given to fast-growing enterprises

Qamcom becomes a ”Master Gazelle”

Not only did Qamcom receive the Di Gasell for the fifth time last year, now Qamcom also can announce themselves as a Di MästarGasell, or one of the “Gazelles among the Gazelles” as Di (Dagens Industri) puts it.

This year, it’s the 20th anniversary of Di Gasell, which is celebrated with a new announcement, MästarGasell, given to companies that have been awarded Di Gasell at least three times during the last 20 years. Only 1400 among the 10 000 companies that since start have been declared Gazelles can now pride themselves as a Master Gazelle (MästarGasell). 

“This is fantastic news, we strive to evolve in every aspect of what we do, and our own growth is one of them. We owe this honorable award to all our outstanding employees and customers. The important thing now is to continue to be relevant and adapt to customer needs and to a world of constant change” says Johan Lassing, CEO Qamcom.

For more information, please contact: 

Johan Lassing, CEO

+46 (0)31-721 17 30

Qamcom is a unity of experts that provides technology for brighter evolution. We are focused on product development in partnership with customers offering specialist services within the areas of signal processing, communication systems, radar systems, automotive systems and functional safety. With a holistic view and people in mind we always strive towards progress and to create value and results for all our stakeholders.

Johan Lassing

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Johan Lassing

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