How can flexible HW be the answer? - Qamcom speaker at ECS 2016

Tryggve Mathiesen, senior system engineer and FPGA expert at Qamcom, will present and share insights on FPGA technology applicability in practice and discuss how FPGAs can be used to add architectural flexibility.

Qamcom’s topics at ECS 2016:
-Automotive ADAS feature saves lives with flexible HW (FPGA etc.) – practical implementation reference. 
Automotive ADAS safety features are in great demand by consumers and the system performance demands are growing. This presentation will show how FPGAs can enable the ADAS features to meet these demands.

-Will Dark Silicon constrain the data center business, will flexible HW (FPGA etc.) be the answer?
Dark silicon has become a problem causing design limitations. This presentation will discuss if FPGAs can be a solution to this problem.

Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2016 takes place in Stockholm on November 22-23.