Communication Systems

Being such a wide area, our knowledge in communication systems can only be briefly described here. We have long experience of implementing algorithms, software and hardware for most radio communication systems.

We have a strong background in circuit design, signal processing, and communication theory research. Thanks to this solid background, we possess in-depth knowledge in most key technical areas of modern communication systems. Examples include the complete range form typical physical layer expertise to the network and service layer of communication systems.

At the physical layer our expertise covers areas such as channel coding and modulation, adaptive systems, synchronization and acquisition techniques, multi-carrier, UWB, sensor networks and MIMO systems. On the physical layer we also benefit to a great extent from the signal processing competence in QRT. Beyond the physical layer our competence reaches from (but is certainly not limited to) switching and routing architectures all the way to end-to-end Quality-of-Service network design.

We do not only have a strong theoretical foundation to build from, but we also have a team of very skilled circuit designers and test engineers, that turn ideas and algorithms into analog and digital ASICs and FPGAs, circuit boards, and/or complete communication products. As a customer, you can therefore be assured to be involved with a team of very skilled engineers ready to take on your most challenging problems.

Combined with our technical expertise, we also have deep knowledge in the global communication network market needs and trends; something that we believe sets us ahead of our competitors. We combine our knowledge in these and other fields into a fundamental understanding of how to implement, improve, and maintain modern communication networks and systems.

For more information, please contact Andreas Wolfgang.